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MPD [multiple personality] can be a clean-cut preacher, having no idea of other hidden personalities. Signs to look for a Satanist can be things such as time-loss MPD/DID. In Ministry, Satanist go for top positions to control the flow of doctrine as well as to preach certain passages, not others.other words 'feel-good' ministry to keep many church shoppers coming back.This mind fracturing explains how these clean-cut Satanists can praise Jesus one hour doing good deeds, then later go to Black Mass after Christmas Mass."It depends if a Satanist is a generational bloodline or new at it. A good example of this might be Robert Yates serial killer from Spokane Wa.Palmer, a reverend of the Church of Satan, wants to debunk.Satanists may not sound like the friendliest types, but the 31-year-old who lives on the south-east coast of England with his wife and baby daughter is happy to explain why his religion is misunderstood.All in all, a Satanist is not the sort of person you'll be calling up to have dinner with your mum anytime soon.

A Demographic and Ideological Profile, authored by James R.

If people knew how prevalent it is, there would be mass lynchings. You do the math...number of ceremonies multiplied by covens nation-wide equals lot's of missing people nationwide every year. Now most Satanists are very private, solitary people.

They may flaunt their religion to intimidate neighbors if low level. If suspicious, just follow them on ceremony nights. One thing they seem to have in common is bunkers underground.

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